About Me

Gianina De La Cruz

The 28-year-old woman with down syndrome who expresses her emotions through painting.

Born with down syndrome and a severe heart condition in Colombia, doctors couldn’t promise much hope of Gianina’s life expectancy. The love and encouragement of her family helped her to hold on to life, astounding everyone.

Gianina’s father died when she was two years old leaving her and Gianina´s mothers alone, interrupting the family access to vital healthcare. Lack of resources pushed her and her mother to migrate to different countries in the look for better opportunities. After years of research and hard work, Gianina finaly managed to get medical help.

Now Gianina’s lives in London where her art have been exhibited in important venues around the city. She have honoured the NHS workers going through COVID-19 challenges in her appreciation of their work with her art and has become a great contributor to the London creative scene.

Gianina´s Art talent

Gianina´s Art talent was a key development that helped her to get stability, allowing her to share her interpretation of her life experience fighting Mental Health issues with the world.

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